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Project Management

Whether your company is planning a large office move or just relocating several employees, the process can be complicated and requires expert knowledge and experience. Trust the project managers at Corporate Office Specialists to work directly with you to determine your goals, budget and the most effective method of accomplishing your project.

The COS project managers will coordinate all suppliers and contractors to complete your job in a timely and efficient manner.
These suppliers include:

* Leasing Agents
* Building Managers
* Interior Designers
* Furniture Movers & Installers
* Carpet Installers
* Electricians
* Furniture Dealers
* General Contractors
* Telecommunications Installers

COS project managers also provide the following services:

* Develop furniture budget and quotes
* Maintain good communication and coordination between customers, contractors and architects
* Assist in furniture selection
* Assist in interior finish selection
* Advise in the decision to reuse old or buy new furniture
* Hire subcontractors and coordinate the painting and remanufacturing of existing furniture
* Review vendor invoices
* Negotiate the repair and replacement of damaged goods
* Serve as liaisons between the customerís home office and satellite offices